Smart Storage Units

With Noke Smart Locks, StorageDefender, and more, you won’t find a better set of amenities anywhere

Noke Smart Locks

Our entire facility is protected by Noke Smart Locks

Everything at our facility, from our gate to your self storage unit, is protected by a Bluetooth smart lock tied to your phone. 

That means you never have to carry extra keys, memorize gate codes, or anything else! 

Noke Smart Locks also offer exceptional security - you can’t enter our facility without being authorized, and even our elevators only work for our tenants!

You can also share your “key” authority with others if you need a friend or family member to stop by your unit for you.

Smart Storage Entry System

EZ Werks Self Storage offers an unprecedented level of safety and security! 

Our Smart Storage Entry System works with a mobile app. This App allows tenants to easily access our electronic gates, entry doors, elevators, and self storage unit locks. 

Our units are equipped with electronic locks - tenants have the ability to grant family and friends a temporary digital key for full access to the facility and their specific self storage unit.

Each unit is equipped with thermal and motion sensors.

As an added convenience, our on-site kiosk allows customers to rent units in a matter of minutes, make payments, and arrange for easy move-outs 24 hours a day!

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Storage Defender Unit Monitors

These thermal and motion sensors ensure the safety of your unit

  • Thermal sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Customizable notifications
  • Tenant-specified escalations